Online Amateur Radio Exam FAQ

Exam Fee

Please click this link to submit your $14 exam fee.


As you register for your exam at, NEW applicants will apply for and immediately receive an FCC FRN. This is a required number on your application for your new license. This number replaces your Social Security number on the application document. Current license holders have a Call-Sign associated with their existing FRN.


Please have your State Issued Photo ID ready and available to display to your exam team. Some webcams have dificulty focusing, so be prepared to email/text a picture of it to your team.

Alternatively, a Birth Certificate, Accredited School ID, Passport etc can also be used to verify your identity to your exam team.


Please navigate to Under the ‘Resources’ tab, please download and install Zoom to your device. test run this application to ensure that your software functions. Disable any blurring or virtual backgrounds you have applied to your Zoom video.


You will receive an emailed Zoom meeting invitation 30-60 minutes prior to your exam sessions start. As you will have Zoom installed, simply click on the blue link to join your meeting. Watch the video while in the waiting room and wait to be admitted. You are not obligate to join until your clearly indicated exam time.


The Child Online Privacy Protection Act, requires that remote examination applicants under the age of 13, will complete a COPPA form. Please have a parent or legal guardian download and complete this form as part of the registration process at Please email this completed from to as well as


Your exam team will allow a physical, single piece of scratch paper. The page will be verified as clear prior to your exam. If it is used, your team will inspect it at end of exam. We also allow the use of an on-screen empty notepad.


Joining the meeting you are prompted to agree with recording laws. Exam videos are stored for 15 months. Please remove sensitive material from your test area that you do not wish to be recorded. A 360 degree scan of your room is required and view of your work surface/desktop you are testing at. Your verbal consent is also asked as your session begins. You agree to to the recording, storage and distribution of video, images and audio from the meeting. Personally Identifiable Information is NEVER shared, or published.


Video and Audio must function on the device you are testing on. Occasionally, a second device is required if technology issues arise.

Mac OS user? To accommodate screen sharing, you must Unlock Security Settings and ‘Allow Zoom to record your screen’.

Solid internet is required, plugged in ethernet preferred.


You are welcome to open a calculator app on your testing device, that is free from stored memory, or preset formulas. Physical calculators will not be accepted.


To ensure exam integrity, all non-essential running applications must be closed. These are not limited to Mail, Messaging, Alerts, Teams, Teamviewer, Discord, Steam, VNC, Remote Desktops, etc.

Your team will examine your device for the presence of these running apps. Please follow their brief instructional querry as they help you prepare your computer.

Only a Browser with single tab open, Zoom and a Calculator may be active.


Communicating with your exam team can be done with a headset, however you will be asked to remove any Headsets / Earbuds / Headphones / Smart Watches / Smart Eyewear prior to starting the exam.


Please Remove, Cover or Unplug any additional screens or monitors that are within your field of view. During your exam, please concentrate on only your exam screen, not allowing your vision or gaze to drift away from your testing screen.


Applicants under the age of 13 may have a parent or legal guardian present during the exam.

Please carve out ample time away from these and other interruptions to complete your exam. Once your exam begins, you must remain on screen and able to be heard until you complete.

Make sure that your exam is free from any suspicion from exchange of information.
Remove any books, magazines, notes, posters, or test material from your view and reach.